Consult An Attorney Before Signing Any Settlement Papers



Conrail is trying to suppress the truth about what it did to Paulsboro. First they published misleading information about the extent of vinyl chloride contamination on their website. Now they are trying to buy peoples’ silence, forever, with cheap settlements. And, they are not only trying to buy your silence, but get you to sign away the rest of your rights!

The settlements Conrail is offering require people to sign away all of their rights, no matter what happens to you in the future. Even if you get cancer or liver damage, you will never be able to sue Conrail if you sign their papers.

If you have minor children and settle for them without Court approvals, if your child decides to sue Conrail in the future, because of past or future sickness, then Conrail’s release may ask you to pay Conrail back the for whatever Conrail may have to pay your child.

Do not sign away your rights unless an attorney reviews the papers beforehand. Do not sign away your children’s rights without first getting legal advice.

Williams Cuker Berezofsky and the Cedar Law Firm currently represent over 500 people who have been impacted by the vinyl chloride spill resulting from the train derailment in Paulsboro on November 30, 2012.

If you or your property was exposed to vinyl chloride from the train derailment on November 30, 2012 in the Paulsboro and West Deptford, New Jersey area, please contact us:

(877) 769-6552

David. M. Cedar, Esquire
Mark R. Cuker, Esquire
Esther E. Berezofsky, Esquire

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